Gift Ideas That Are a Cut Above the Rest

When it comes to buying gifts for men, the tools gift is a classic that always goes down a treat. There’s something about tools that men love – and probably will never stop loving them (at least not long enough to use them, anyway). A tool is a tool, and every man deserves to have at least one in his lifetime collection of tools. If you don’t know what kind of tools you should get a man, here are some ideas:

Electric Drill Set: If you’ve got a DIY guy in your life, this is an obvious choice. He’ll love to have a drill that he can fix things with. And he’ll certainly love getting a brand new drill set that he can use over again. Look for durable quality, and electric power tools that can do the jobs that he does best.

Power Saw: Most dads are into woodworking, and they appreciate getting a quality power saw. Look for a saw that has a complete set of tools that he can use over again, and especially for dad’s favorite project – building models of cars or other vehicles. For example, if your dad loves working on a Model Diesel, look for a set of tools that come with the parts and a kit to build the car. For dad’s other hobby, he might be interested in getting a kit to build aircraft. A set of power tools will make those projects go much smoother, and dad will have more tools to work with while working on his hobbies.

Power Tool Set: If your dad is into plumbing or electrical work, getting him a great starter kit to get him started will be appreciated. Look for a starter kit that includes a pair of pliers, a pair of sockets set, screwdriver set, wrench set and a paint sprayer. You can also get him a hammer and nail set to go along with the power tools. Make sure the paint sprayer you choose has an adjustable spray nozzle to accommodate the size of the paint you will need. You can always expand the bottle as your son grows.

DIY-ER Tool Set: Dad will love getting a complete set of DIY-ER tools. He’ll be happy to have a drill, a screwdriver, a drill bits set, and an impact driver. Look for a drill bit that comes in rubber so it doesn’t wear down in the mud. Buy him a hammer, and an all-purpose sandpaper for polishing up his tools. There should be a little patience requirement, but he’ll enjoy it when he is finishing a project. You can also expand the DIY-ER set as his children grow older.

Combo Kit: Your dad will certainly love a combo kit that includes a table saw and a miter saw. He will be delighted to have the power to make a straight finish on any project. Look for quality tools with protective covers.

Multi-Tool Set: Dad will love his multi-tool collection. He’ll have everything from a philips screwdriver set, to a flat screwdriver set, to a socket wrench set, to a pair of pliers. All are quality pieces made to work in harmony as a team. The best multi-tools have safety features like a blade guard, and an anti slip surface. If your dad has more projects coming in the near future, consider a combo package that includes an impact driver, and an oil-powered rotary tool.

Gift Basket For Father: A well-thought-out gift basket filled with quality tools can make any big day special. Try mixing in an extra pair of pliers, and an impact driver in the screwdriver set. Or, add a combination tool set like the combo kit above. This is a great way to show him that you really appreciate him. Adding a few quality items to a Father’s day gift basket can make it a truly memorable experience.